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Our story

Dosa Deli is a company born out of a love for South India. Our pursuit for the perfect dosa has taken us all over the sub-continent: from the heritage restaurants of Bangalore, and pilgrimage towns of Tamil Nadu, to the hills in the western Ghats, and Keralan backwaters.

The dosa, a savoury crispy pancake, is the holy grail of South Indian street food. It is a wonderful vehicle for tasty fillings, but this doesn’t describe the theatre of watching the cook spin out perfect dosas, one after another.

We take the tastes of South India to the UK festival scene each year. We can be found spinning dosas at events like Glastonbury, Greenman and WOMAD. Bringing the dosa to the forefront of the UK’s blossoming street food scene has been a journey of passion for us, and we are excited to take you along for the ride.

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